Natasha Sidi, OCT

Product Designer

Spotify Web/App Review


We conducted a detailed research analysis on Spotify's business goals, user demographics, app/web features on multiple devices, and overview of user experience and user interface, visual design and technical analysis. We end the report by providing our recommendations on improving the aforementioned areas, as well as, possible solutions, including mock-ups.

Research & Materials

While working on the report, I decided to conduct an independent research on a user who was new to using Spotify. I wanted to understand the user's point-of-view in using the app. A 45-minute interview was conducted to understand how the user felt about Spotify and music in general. My journey into creating this map began with understanding Paul Boag's article on Adapting empathy maps for UX design.

Why empathy maps?

I was able to understand the user better by creating this empathy map. It gave me an opportunity to make a clear map of the user's feelings by dividing it into different sections. I learned about the user's environment, when and where she uses the app, how she is influenced and so much more.

Having taken the course, Qualitative Research Methods at York University, I was quite comfortable in conducting this interview. This is a great book for those who looking into conducting research: Sharan, B. Merriam Qualitative Research, A Guide to Design and Implementation, 2nd Edition, (2009).

The author walks you through the process of designing, conducting and presenting a qualitative interview. Keep in mind that it is not focussed on user research or user experience/user interface. It does, however, provide general guidance as to how an interviewer can go in-depth to understand the human behaviour of the candidate(s) interviewed. Overall, it is great for those who want to know how to ask the right questions and how to analyze their interview discussions.