Natasha Sidi, OCT

Product Designer

Teacher's Pet (UX/UI)

Having spent 3 years as a Teachers Candidate with the Faculty of Education, York University, I experienced the struggles of a full-time secondary school teacher. Juggling between meetings, duties and appointments was quite the task. In addition, keeping up with marking, providing afterschool assistance to students and creating lesson plans occupied most of my schedule.

The Problem

I needed something to remind me of my appointments. I noticed other teachers using different methods of recording their appointments - physical agenda books, Google calendars, etc.

The Primary Goal

Help teachers stay on track, reminding them of their upcoming appointments.

The Solution

Technology should not only benefit students, but should also benefit teachers and the entire school community. According to my most recent research, teachers are beginning to wear smart watches. Keeping this in mind, "Teacher's Pet" is just one of many ideas that can help teachers stay on track and be reminded of their upcoming appointments. They can add appointments on their mobiles and can be viewed on their smart watch.