Natasha Sidi, OCT

Product Designer

West Jet e-Boarding Pass App (UX)

This is an app for West Jet frequent flyers. It includes basic features, such as, baggage check-in, meal selection, boarding pass, and many other features catered to a West Jet passenger.

The Problem

Travelling via air can be quite stressful sometimes. You might have lost your boarding pass, or are perhaps running late to catch your connecting flight but are not aware of the gate number. If you are physically disabled, perhaps you are not sure of where to find wheelchair accomodation. Passengers frequently face the same issues on a daily-basis.

The Primary Goal

Making the process of travelling easier for all West Jet passengers.

The Solution

This app includes all the necessary information and features required by a West Jet passenger. It makes travelling less stressful with all the features. Features include: boarding pass, itinerary, meal option, baggage status and check-in, TSA, rewards, weather and a section for passengers who require accessibility attention.